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Eva~ Guitar, Vocals
Sage~ Irish Bouzouki
Lyrics~ Eva/ Arr. H&H

A fair maid has a chance encounter with a boy of the fae, at risk of being lost in the otherworld she is saved by a magical pendant.


Down by the riverbank, early in the morn
A fair young maid along a path well worn
A basket in her hand, a twinkle in her eye
To pick some berries for her grandmother's pie

The sun was just a'risin the brambles a'laden
She heard the bird song, a sweet serenadin
Turnin her head a pretty flower caught her eye
A thorn in her finger made the young girl cry

Lum da da dai, Dai da da~~~~~~~~~~~Dai da dai da dai

There by the bank he heard the tears of the maid
One look at the pretty lass his plan was a laid
A bundle of his herbs and the shyest of smiles
Out stepped the fairy boy his luck did try

May I tend to your wound that the black berry made
So sincere his look, her hand she gave
With eyes of the river and a voice of the wind
His touch was cool and a rhyme did he spin


Oh on arrivin home her grandmother did run
Gatherin her up in a circle they spun
My girl nine days you've been gone without a trace
Put her hands on her shoulders, looked her square in the face

Oh the wise old woman now she knew right then
The dreamy look in her eye, the bundle in her hand
Speakin of the mornin she'd been gone for days
Lost to the world by the touch of the fae


Well she set right to work, a weavin a charm
A thick magic in a ruby oh the spell to disarm
Around her neck as she slept for when she woke in the night
Down to the river her steps did alight

He was there awaitin a sadness in his eyes
When he saw the jewel sparkle in the soft moonlight
He kissed her on the brow, from the dream she awoke
In the mornin sun underneath the sturdy oak


Heartbroken she wept there it seemed forever but the girl was bold
and twice as clever
This charm I can use for a passin through the veils
Come and go as I please, oh, a weave my own tale



from To Hold a Candle to the Devil, released December 7, 2014
Original song by Eva Riihiluoma
Arrangement Halfpence and Haypenny



all rights reserved


Halfpence and Haypenny Nevada City, California

Vintage music in the tradition of the Old World bardic minstrels. Renditions and original music, from sultry and haunted to soulful revelation.

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