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Eva~ Guitar, Vocals
Sage~ Irish Bouzouki
Lyrics~ Eva/ Arr. H&H

Child Ballad

The tune Child Grove is originally an English Morris dance tune that dates from the late 1600's. Originally we intended this as an instrumental, a song soon arose about the folly of selfish desire.


Upon forgotten years is the tale of the lonely maid
Who'd heard of a myth of a wise old crone
Find the hidden path and a come upon her dwelling
A wish would come to pass that would never be undone

Long have I lived a life of burden, so now I'll travel
Seek and I will find her, or ever shall I roam
Tattered is my dress, how my hair hangs in curtains around me
Slaven to this hearth, cursed to live my life alone

In time she came upon the cottage, deep within the forest hidden
Surely there appeared the old woman of the lore
Far have you come, now I ask you what you seek my child
This magic it is strong, it can open any door

Oh a lover to carry me away in his arms forever
Now will you give to me the spell to have my way
My dear I can grant you this but warning I will give to you
Choose with your heart, or you shall be led astray

My parents oh they meant me well, they raised me up to wed a farmer
But I'll be leaving that burden far behind
Hastily she drank down the potion that the woman gave her
Set herself to finding the one who'd be her prize

Rushing off she headed for the village just beyond the woods
She'd heard of the prince who would visit on this day
Oh I know that his riches will lead me to a life of pleasure
Nevermore will I have to work my life away

Surely now his eyes they fell upon her all a robed in glamour
Sinking to his knees, she saw his love struck eyes
Ever have I dreamed of a lady who would be my treasure
Far have I sought for to take her as my bride

He took her hand to claim her, but grief would ever haunt her days
For there beyond she saw the one who'd always have her heart
Sorrow for a wedding gown would fit this lonely bride to be
The loyal knight he was her true love, they'd ever be apart


from To Hold a Candle to the Devil, released December 7, 2014
Traditional English Morris Dance tune
Original lyrics by Eva Riihiluoma
Arrangement by Halfpence and Haypenny



all rights reserved


Halfpence and Haypenny Nevada City, California

Vintage music in the tradition of the Old World bardic minstrels. Renditions and original music, from sultry and haunted to soulful revelation.

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